My demo reel is finally out

1 February 2011 (Monday)

Hey~! It's been long enough but I have finally finished rendering out my demo reel for all the near future interviews I'm gonna attend^^ So yea, here's the finale~ It's basically a compilation of stuff I did throughout my college days as a diploma student.

And now that I've graduated, mom and dad will nagging me on and on for my 1st full time job and so here I am, having what I need to get me started on the road to getting my 1st full time (hopefully well paid) job^^

It may be nothing much but I hope ya'll enjoy it^^

Song taken from A Bug's Life - The Flik Machine by Randy Newman

Paper Snowflakes for Christmas

22 December 2010

Christmas is just around the corner and I've just went through my day yesterday with teaching the most interesting art class. Me and the children have been making paper snowflakes in conjunction for the upcoming christmas.

Them snowflakes...

This has led me to an idea, why not make my home a lil christmas-sy too. By hanging paper snowflakes here n there. So that's when me along with Vince, started to get to work with scissors and poster colors.

Vince working on the spraying

Real snowflakes have millions of patterns, never being the same for those that already have existed. My snowflakes don't shine or glitter, nor is it white but the same uniqueness is applied here, which is there are never 2 that have the same pattern. Each paper snowflake would have it's own unique shape and pattern by just having me simply cut a few shapes here n there.

The under layout itself is an art after being sprayed on.

All together there were 18 snowflakes before I finger started getting swollen and painful from holding the scissors too long. (cz I was doing all the cutting). I might do more in the days to come but I just have to stop now.

Before hanging them up, I had Vince sign the back of each snowflake, along with mine. Lastly I wrote Merry Christmas on each as well. Attaching them to their own individual string, every snowflake was then hung to mommy's plants outside, for everyone to see.

And if they were to hold it a lil while, turn it around, and take a quick peek, they just might imagine their happy neighbour wishing them,


PS : The most intriguing part in the process is when u see each pattern come to a beauty as u open them up slowly after cutting weird shapes on the paper.

Oh! The Mood!

14 December 2010

I have an announcement to make, which is it's finally the END OF THE YEAR. Christmas is coming up and everywhere is decorated with the spirit of Christmas. Snowflakes, teddy bears, candy canes, santa, elves, presents, and lights! Aside from that, on this day, it has also hit my 4th monthsary with my beloved, Vince. Yes, geli i may sound but it's what I want to say.

So... *read this as fast as u can* On this special day, Vince decided to bring me out in his very very very small, old and noisy but still working car to the very very very well known and cramp Mid Valley for my very very very long awaited ice cream session at the very very very.... (OK I'LL STOP TOYING WITH U)

Well, it's Swensen's. For on Tuesdays, u get to enjoy the EARTHQUAKE, consisting of 8 scoops of ice cream of any flavor u choose, topped with whipped cream, pairing dressings as well as cherries~ FOR 50% OFF! So here we celebrated the start of our 4th monthsary, in the beautifully decorated Mid Valley~ At first, 8 flavors were hard to choose from the menu which had more than 30 flavors @.@

All I can recall was that there was lime, chocolate cookies, strawberry and RUM!!! When the whole thing came to the table, it was served with dry ice making my day an even more special one. 2 cute lil spoons were given and tht's when we slowly enjoyed licking the ice cream clean off each others spoons. (Are u thinking elsewhere?)

Vince making sure it is CLEARLY finished

When we finally finished everything, we head off to get tickets for the movie Rapunzel. Yes, I know, I should have watched it long ago. Too bad in that long ago, I didn't have the mood to head out of my house.

The show time was after dinner which was almost hours away. So we decided to tour Mid Valley for it's Christmas Beauty.
Almost every store at every corner was decorated for Christmas. Even Mid Valley had it's own "Meet Santa" session in the center court. Nuf said, I'll just show u.

Taken from upstairs

Families lining up to have a chance with Santa

The decorations around the "Santa" stage

Decorations from the TOP!!!

To the BOTTOM!!!

Continuing on, we walked to the North court if I'm not mistaken @.@ Here, there's a lot of other stores on promotions. As for me, I'm almost an Elianto fan so I dashed in to see what was in store for me. As expected, Elianto was always well decorated and always changing their packaging into more and more interesting and eye catching.

Some people portray Christmas as red...

Yet some are blue.. like Elianto

Elianto's Christmas Sleigh

Aside from meeting Santa, MV even hosted a Christmas Workshop for families to take part in. It's away from the main stage. If I'm not mistaken (again), they teach people hwo to make simple crafts for christmas, bringing the christmas atmosphere even more.

MyCATs Day 2

5th December 2010

Heads up people! This is the 2nd & last day of the Cat Show. Up till now U have only seen Day one, and u are YET to see the CUTER, the BADDEST, n the most RUGGED felines! So here they are, all in Day two of MyCATs International Cat Show!

As usual I am helping out at the PAWS booth directly outside the cat show entrance. And as it was the last day, we took a group picture.

A lady interested in one of our cat

Me promoting the cat!

our merchandise

Now u know where to find em.

Me & them vet students

Exactly like yesterday, I would take breaks every now and then to go into the ballroom to catch a glimpse of the cats that are being examined. Aside from the usual and the lots and lots and lots of Persians, there's lots more others that haven't been seen just yet.

As for the judges, they were all a different batch. None of the judges from day one was here to judge. They were either not here, or they were participating as spectators.

A cat being carried to compete

The ribbons contestants have scored since day 1

Shaun! The biggest cat in the Room!

And look how much he has earned

A judge giving a lil talk to the audience (with a cat on his hand)

The Persians Ring :

Giant Hamster!

Other Rings :

The Abyssinian

A Sphinx

A Siamese Cat

A Japanese Bobtail
Looks like any other cat, but it's actually almost tailless O.o

American Shorthair

Scottish Fold Kitten,
ok, I'll let u see more of it of how it looks, U'll go OMG!

Yes, I do suggest that this cat has charms towards people with soft hearts
Just take one, and if someone doesn't go your way, show this lil pumpkin and
This lil sugar melts that person's heart and everything goes your way.
(ok, most of the things)

And for the best ring that I Fancy!
The Maine Coon Ring :

A Norwegian Forest
(dono how it ended in this ring)

My friend's Star - SHAUN!

Check out the size O.o

A lil close up for everyone

As every ring comes to an end. Once again, the judges will pin on ribbons for each cat based on beauty and cleanliness. Later on, contestants will be asked to take their ribbon-fied cats back. As they are leaving, most of them would stop to ask the judge to sign the ribbons as well as take a picture together.

It looks stunned...

I can see this woman loves blacks cz both her cats are total black

See what I mean?


The judges signing the Ribbons

By dinner time, the rings have all ended and everyone moves on to the final contest
The Best of The Best
Yup! This is where the best of the breeds come together to compete. And here it is held on the Stage! As for me, I got the front row, but even so, I made my way to the stage to take my kitty photos.

But before everything, a talk by the head judge about difference in cat breeds. Yup, therefore, each breed there that was available, was placed in their cages on stage and was taken out one by one to brief.

The Persian

The Abyssinian

The Sphinx

Norwegian Forest Cat

Maine Coon Cat

American Curl

As soon as this has ended, 2 other judges joined the head judge on stage to judge the Best of the Best. All 3 judges are to examine the cats from head to tail based on breed.

The winner for the Best of the Best

Kitten and Cat with most points earned